Getting to Know: What Does Green Bamboo Smell Like?

Green Bamboo Scented Candle

What does green bamboo smell like? The hint is in the name, green, you guessed it. It is undoubtedly a clean, green fragrance. However, there is more to the scent than what meets the eye. Let’s explore the history of green bamboo before delving deeper. 

History and Uses of Green Bamboo

Green bamboos are the most prominent member of the grass family and originate in China. It dates back to before humans were present, around 7000 years ago. It is versatile as it is a renewable resource that grows in tropical locations worldwide. Cultures have thus used bamboo for various purposes. The earliest use of bamboo was in China, which was used to create paper and books from around 200 BCE to 200 CE. Bamboo is also used worldwide in homes, from using it for flooring, different types of furniture and even for making cutlery. It was also a source of food, as we know that Asians commonly eat bamboo shoots. Artisans also use bamboo to make items such as lanterns, baskets, toys and tea boxes.

Lastly, bamboo is also widely used in cosmetics and perfumery and is considered ideal for its alkaline pH. It is created in various compositions to develop different types of makeup, perfumes and candles. Read this if you are you are keen to find out more about Bamboo in perfumery. Now let’s learn more about the kinds of notes the bamboo fragrance consist of.

Fragrance Notes of a Green Bamboo 

The fragrance can be described as woody, clean and fresh. It also brings together the notes of bamboo, orange and amber to deliver a lush and crisp fragrance. This scent carries a natural, subtle character which is calming rather than overwhelming. Hence it is also the reason why it is often used in aromatherapy. We have paired it with white tea to create our Great Wall candle, a fresh interpretation of simple elegance and well-being. If this scent inspires you, check out our complete collection at our shop!

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Getting to Know: What Does Green Bamboo Smell Like?

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