Getting to Know: What Does Fig Smell Like?

Fig scented candles

Brief History and Taste of a Fig

Figs are a luxurious fruit with a jammy consistency native to the Mediterranean. Culturing a fig tree dates back to centuries around 11 000 B.C. Ancient wild figs grew in turkey, stretching to northern India. They were initially cultivated in Caria, an old description of a place which is now called Turkey. From Caria, figs eventually made their way to Spain. When Spain colonised California, they brought their figs with them over. It wasn’t until the early 20th century that more modern cultivation techniques improved the quality of growing figs and gave a hike in incentives to farmers in California. 

Turkey still remains number 1 in fig production, followed closely by countries like Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and the U.S. The fig taste is a cross between strawberry and banana with a hint of hibiscus. There are over 150 types of figs in the world, and the more popular ones include the black mission and brown turkey, which are darker in colour, and Kadota, which is green in colour. The fruit is delicate and are often consumed dried as fresh figs only last for two short seasons in the year—one in the early summer for about three weeks and another from late June to September.

Also did you know that fig falls under the category of flowers instead of fruits? Bugs pollinate in the hole at the bottom of the fruit. You will notice this when you are eating a fig which is essentially eating a ton of sweet little flowers. It also explains the floral scent they give off. 

Fragrance Notes of a Fig 

Fig notes are also used in perfumery and candle making. It is a unique fragrance with a blend of sweet, creamy and bitter green notes. It is a subtle and calming scent that speaks volumes. Fig notes also pair well with sweet notes like vanilla and coconut. You can find fig and vanilla notes in our Dream Girl candle inspired by the Mediterranean sea, where Figs scent the air and the boats that bring in their vanillary cargoes from the distant shores of the north African coast.

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Getting to Know: What Does Fig Smell Like?

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