How to Use Candles as Part of a Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Lifestyle


Do you wonder if your candle habit can contribute to your carbon footprint? We did the research and found out how those warming candles can cause the warming of our earth (no pun intended but seriously an issue worth considering). It turns out buying cheap scented candles from big conglomerates can cause harm to you and the planet simultaneously.

We are not here to tell you that buying expensive candles will solve the issue. Let’s break down the facts to understand why. The type of candle wax, scent and wick used can all determine the fumes released from burning a candle. We all know the negative impacts of releasing fumes into the atmosphere as it contributes to higher levels of CO2 on the planet. However, the most significant determinant of that boils down to the wax used in the candle. 

Paraffin is the most common type of wax used in cheap candles produced in mass quantities. Paraffin wax obtained from petroleum is a non-renewable source, and using fossil fuels in our current climate crisis should be prohibited. However, we understand that it requires systemic changes; hence, let’s look at ways we can use candles in a more eco-friendly fashion as consumers!

Three things to consider when buying a candle to support the environment of your home and planet: 


We have already covered why paraffin wax is harmful, so what are the alternatives, you ask? The following best options would coconut and bees wax as well as soy wax that we use in our collection. Did you know that our soy wax is made up of 100% soybean oil with no additives, preservatives or whatsoever? Also these waxes are made of plant-based ingredients apart from beeswax and are the most sustainable way to make candles. 


The fragrance is the trickiest component in making a healthy candle. We know that fragrance contains many harmful chemicals. Still, those candles that only have essential oils also require a hefty amount of raw plant matter to produce. This in turn, can cause an ecological toll on agriculture. We at Gentle Glow have tried many experiments to achieve middle ground. Hence we only use non-toxic fragrance oils gently infused with essential oils. This way, we don’t comprise on the scent throw or pose too much stress on our environment. 


The main culprit in wicks are lead or worse, types of metals that should be avoided at all costs. So looking for candles made of cotton or wood wicks are your best bet in reducing potential harm. Our collection of candles only use cotton wick so you can be rest assured we have your well being in mind while crafting our candles.

At the end finding sustainable candles may seem challenging. However, here at Gentle Glow, we have created a collection that adhere to standards far above the commercial grounds. Why not visit our shop today?

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How to Use Candles as Part of a Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

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