How to Clean Out Your Candle Jars

Where are my candle lovers? We all have hoarded candle jars with a bit of wax left at the bottom. 

Are you wondering if you should throw them away or reuse them? You can clean them and reuse them. Please read our article on how some clever ways in how you can repurpose candle jars or watch this YouTube video for visually guidance on how to clean and reuse candle jars.

The good news is that you don’t need any fancy tools to clean out your candle jars and easily do so with what you have lying around your home. Keep reading to find out.

Four easy methods on how to clean out candle jars:

Method #1 – Boiling Water

This method works best. Add boiling water into your candle, leave an inch of space at the top. Let it rest, and you will see the wax rise to the top. Finish by straining the water and removing wax separately. Also, make sure not to pour the wax down the drain when straining to avoid closing. 

Method #2 – Hair Dryer

Turn your hairdryer on and heat the sides of the jar. It will melt the wax on the sides. When it’s melted, you can easily slide the wax out by holding the candle jar upside down. Put the wax in a bowl and rinse the candle jar with gentle soap and water. 

Method #3 – Freezer

Place the candle in the freezer for couple of hours or until it is frozen. The cold causes wax to harden and shrink, making it easier to remove. The wax should then pop right out of the container, but you can also loosen it with a butter knife if necessary.

Method #4 – Oven 

This method works super when you have more than a candle jar to cleanout. Place your candles upside down on a sheet of aluminium foil on a baking pan. The wax will melt in about 15 minutes. Remove the pan and place it on a heat-safe surface. Hold the container using a towel or pot holder and wipe the inside with a paper towel. Let the container cool and then clean with soap and water.

So please tell us below which method you’d like to try to clean your candle jar out!

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How to Clean Out Your Candle Jars

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