Chernobyl Rain

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Light the candle and feel the strong yet gentle fire of this all encompassing scent. It will rain down, drenching you in its fire. Lie back and be overtaken with the chain reaction. Feel the call of distant, far flung adventures and green forests grown anew from the fall of the dark heavy rain.

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A scent lingering towards the past and present and its history in between. A scent with woody, herbal and spicy nuances. Opium is distinct, smouldering with resin and spices that could remind you of burning incense.

Weight 0.225 kg
Dimensions 8 × 9.3 cm

3 reviews for Chernobyl Rain

  1. Deya

    This one definitely tops the list when it comes to addictive candles. The scent really fills the entire room and is soo calming. Perfect for a chill Friday night with clean sheets and a Netflix party for one. Btw, the container makes for an excellent whiskey glass, so don’t throw it away!

  2. Heerosha Sreetharan (verified owner)

    Not gonna lie, this is the best scent of candle!!! My fav! It’s not overpowering so it doesn’t give you a headache. Scent is minimal but it’s there; just the right amount. And the fact that it’s soy wax makes it so much better! This scent will always be my fav ❤️

  3. Ella

    This was my first time getting a soy wax candle and you can definitely see how evenly it burns and much longer the candle lasts compared to your usual wax candles. You can also repurpose the jar after it burns, as there’s minimal wax residue and its great for storage! Chernobyl Rain is great for those who prefer woody scents, as its light enough and not too overpowering. Would definitely recommend it.

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