Are your favourite scented candles causing more harm than good?

There’s nothing quite therapeutic than burning a good scented soy candle after a long day, with a glass of wine or kombucha melting your stress away in the soft burning glow of the candles. However, do you ever wonder if your favourite soy candles are causing you more harm than good?

Here we explore why candles cause certain health problems and even indoor pollution and how best we can avoid it by sifting out specific considerations. 

So what should you look out for when purchasing your next scented candle? 

#1 – Wax Type

Not all candles are created equal. Many studies have found that paraffin candles release chemicals and known carcinogens, including toluene and benzene. This can cause problems in people living with asthma and affect your skin and health. What’s more? The fragrances used to scent your beloved bath time burners could be seen as just as dangerous if they’re not of the natural kind. Synthetic fragrances or even dyes used in some products can give off particles when heated are bad for your health. Hence, we use soy wax made of 100% soybean oil to make our range of candles that ensure a natural and healthier burn. 

#2 – Wick

Let’s not forget that wicks are just essential to consider before getting a candle! Always look for cotton, wooden or hemp wicks, and avoid lead wicks at all costs. From what we know, lead wicks have been banned in most countries since 2003. At Gentle Glow, we use cotton wicks that are easy to burn and versatile. Our only suggestion is that you keep a cotton wick trimmed to ¼ to avoid mushrooming

#3 – Fragrance Oils

Last but certainly not least is to consider the fragrance oils blended with wax in the candles. Toxic Fragrance oils include formaldehyde, petroleum distillates, limonene, alcohol and esters that can cause harm to your health. On another note, they do not help the candle burn evenly. While mass-market candles may be the main culprits here, you could be surprised that even luxury brands may fall into the of either using paraffin wax and toxic fragrance oils. Hence we advise you to start reading the labels, and handmade brands tend to have a better approach. At Gentle Glow, we use non-toxic fragrance oils infused with essential oils to enhance the aromatherapeutic property of the candle. Our candles are mildly scented as they are intended for you to burn daily without worrying about toxins or indoor pollution. 

What are some of your favourite natural candle brands? Let us know in the comments!

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Are your favourite scented candles causing more harm than good?

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