Using Candles in Daily Life

We all know the soothing properties of lighting candles. It helps create a peaceful ambience, and the candle’s lovely flickering is easing to the mind. In this article, let’s explore how we can use candles to improve our daily lives. 

1. Start your day with a cuppa and candle

Imagine getting out of your bed and taking that long yawn stretching your hands to start the day. You can light up a fresh candle with scents such as cucumber and melon that will help you get along your morning routine. It will help you focus while drinking your morning joe or tea and sending your brain the signal to start a productive day at a state of ease. The scent will detoxify your air and fill it with positive vibes. Try this out and see if you notice in your morning thoughts and approach. 

2. To help you focus at work

We all need a great deal of focus when we are at work. Trying to keep away from distractions and losing concentration happens to the best of us. Switch it up by lighting a candle while you are at your work cabin or even gift it to a new co-worker who might have difficulty settling in the new environment. Having a candle around during office hours can help you take a mental break to re-organise and start afresh.   

3. As a great company for dinner

You’ve had a long day at work. We all deserve a hearty meal to relax and rejuvenate. Before mindlessly scoffing your dinner, please take a moment to light up a candle and let it fill your dining room with a subtle mood. Go for a lighter scent which can get you in the mood. Maybe Vanilla & Fig? If a candle can help you start your day, it can also help you take a pauser from your thoughts and relax in the evening. 

4. To get in a great night of sleep

I think we all have struggled at least once in our lifetime to switch off mentally and go to sleep. Many of us are probably guilty of scrolling through our phone and not be able to sleep. A scented candle can be a natural sedative to cure this. The scent and the light of the candle can send a signal to our brain to induce calmness. Please choose your favourite scent from our collection that reflects your personality and light it before sleeping. This way, you end your day with an act of self-love and to have a better tomorrow. 

Let us know below how else you use a candle in your daily life!

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Using Candles in Daily Life

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